Training schedule — 27 & 28 July 2019

UTC (Utilization Training Camp) Schedule


10.00 – 12.30
1. Opening address (Ac. Shubhatmananda) (30 minutes)
2. Introducing theUTC (Prabhakar and Sushanta) (15 minutes)
3. Sprituality and work/leadership (Tapan) (90 minutes)

15.00 – 18.00
Didi Anandaharimaya: “Effective modern pracar means” (30 minutes)
Information – communication – cooperation (Manojit) (150 minutes)
The workshop focusses on three levels of interaction – how successful cooperation is based on intense communication and how this is based on proper information
Based on real life examples (best contributed by the participants) problems will be identified and solutions proposed.
The workshop aims at enabling leaders to plan a suitable workflow for their projects.

20.15 – 21.45
Didi Ananda Monika: 15 Shiilas
Didi Anandadvaeta: “Yama and Niyama” (60-90 minutes)


10.00 – 12.30
16. Points (Ac. Shubhatmananda) (30 minutes)
Dada Jyotirupananda: “Speaking with power and purpose” Workshop (120 minutes)

15.00 – 18.00
Aditi: Spiritual ecology; the process since last year’s workshop (15 minutes)
Didi Anandaprama: “Leadership for bliss” (45 minutes)
“How to structure a project” (Parameshwar) (120 minutes)
This workshop will present a visual “tool” to be used in a project. It is a professional tool usually not used in the very beginning when initiating a project, but in the following stage. For the workshop and also applied in the workgroup discussion, it will be modified as a starting tool and guides through the whole project process.
a) General presentation how the tool is useful and samples how it is used.
b) Mock exercise with everyone’s input for training purpose.
c) Split into smaller groups where they decide the topic of project, steps and tasks, evaluation, modification, and expected results, with the help of the tool.
d) Each group present their project, (1) steps required at each stage, and (2) concision. And evaluated by others.

20.15 – 21.45
Coping with resistance (Sushanta) 90 minutes
Any change on individual level as well as in a group process causes resistance which diminish the success or creates unwanted obstacles. Understanding the nature of resistance, handling resistant group members and prevent it, will be explained and we will train ourselves to create more successful projects and communicate in difficult situations. In parts this workshop will track on last year workshop “leadership by listening”


10.00 – 12.30
Prabhakar: “Practical spiritual approaches to working with groups” (60 minutes)
Review UTC (Prabhakar and Sushanta) (30 minutes)
Formulating workshop themes and titles for the Summer Conference. (60 minutes)

Completing the new bathrooms, more bunk beds

The new bathroom house is nearing completion, and there will be more bunk beds for participants.

A hot water tank installed, wash basins waiting to get on the wall

Bath room waiting for wash basins to be affixed

Shower cabinets

New bunk beds in dormitory

More bunk beds in another dormitory hall

Spring is arriving

Spring is arriving and the builders are in full speed laying all the pipes for the new bathrooms facility in Madhu Karuna. The levelling of the ground and cementing of the floor were all done expertly.



Construction of the new bathroom facilities underway

GOOD NEWS: In spite of inclement weather with temperatures well below zero, construction work at Madhukaruna is ploughing away at record speed. For the last few weeks, a construction company has levelled the new bathroom facilities ground. Next is the establishment of foundation walls and the outer building.

The picture shows the veranda of dada’s quarter in the upper right corner. The bathroom facilities will be erected along the neighbouring property wall to the left in the picture.

Other news:

Please check out for early bird prices for registering for the Ananda Marga Summer Conference and the preceding UTC leadership training.

Madhu Karuna 30 Years Jubilee 2018

The coming Ananda Marga 2018 summer conference at Madhu Karuna, Germany takes place 30 years after the first conference held in 1988. The vibration building up in this place year after year is strongly felt by conference participants, and it keeps building into the future. So please come and join in next year’s jubilee conference with hundreds of devotees and activists from all over Europe and beyond. Continue reading “Madhu Karuna 30 Years Jubilee 2018”

New bathroom facilities

The new bathroom facilities at Madhu Karuna will be situated at the wall upstairs to the left when you enter the yard from the main gate, at the north side, onto the boundary wall outside dadas’ quarters. It is a 60.000 Euros project. It will be ready for the 2018 summer conference.


There will be five shower facilities, six toilets and three washbasins for sisters, and a similar arrangement for brothers next door in the same building. The previous sisters’ bathroom downstairs will be permanently closed hereafter. The construction of the new facilities officially started mid-December 2017 with the laying of the first water pipes (see below).


Renovation of Baba’s room

Baba’s room at Madhu Karuna is a main attraction for those who value diving deep into meditation. Ananda Margiis enthusiastically come inside Baba’s room to do their Sadhana and experience a unique feeling of peace and tranquility.

Brother Shantatma will carry out and finance renovation of Baba’s room ahead of the 2018 summer conference. We will be back with pictures and details. All the best with the work, Shantatma!