Many tiny drops…

Madhu Karuna, at the village of Wendelsheim near Mainz, Germany, is the only Marga Guru Quarter (MG Quarter) in Europe. Shrii Shrii Anandamuti gave it the name Madhu Karuna, “Sweet Compassion”. Baba’s room at Madhu Karuna is a most quiet, subtle spiritual sanctuary. Ananda Margiis enthusiastically enter it to perform their Sadhana (meditation) and experience a unique feeling of peace and tranquility.

The large, beautyfully decorated meditation hall, the lawns, and the further expanses into the wide-open natural surroundings and undulating landscape characteristic of the Upper Rhine region, offer visitors to Madhu Karuna rich opportunities for soul-finding and tender meetings of the like-minded.

History and development
When Ananda Marga Europe purchased the property in 1987, it was in great need of renovation and upgrading. The following year, 1988, saw the first ever Ananda Marga summer Conference at Madhu Karuna. Since, Madhu Karuna has developed steadily and will continue to do so in the years and decades to come, by your grace.

More on the history of Madhu Karuna

As with many development projects, the work at Madhu Karuna has depended on a few dedicated persons, perhaps for far too long now. The need for further development is acutely felt and it is, therefore, only prudent that we all take some share in the responsibility.

As the old saying goes: “Many tiny drops make a mighty ocean!”

Madhu Karuna is the centre piece, focus and symbol of the progress of Ananda Marga in Europe. Be sure to play your part!

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