Since 1982, Baba started staying in His designated place called MG Quarter at the organisational projects. Today, the organisation has a total of 41 MG Quarters worldwide. Madhu Karuna is one among them, comprising an area of 2800 sq. meters.

Aquired in 1987, Madhu Karuna has become the conference center where Ananda Margiis from all countries of Europe gather to experience and realize the essential unity and oneness of spiritual humanity.

Too spiritually significant to miss, Madhu Karuna is here to stay.

From a 1987 information brochure:

The originally uncovered central yard at Madhu Karuna 1987:

The central court yard 2017; to the left is the newly completely renovated and modernized kitchen, with a new large comfortable dorm on the second floor:

Original ground plan 1987:

Small group photo 2005 DMS:

Group photo 2006 summer conference:

Madhu Karuna has already developed a lot since its beginnings three decades ago. When it was purchased in 1987, 30 years ago, it was in great need of renovation and upgrading. The following year, 1988, saw the first ever Ananda Marga summer Conference at Madhu Karuna. Since then, Madhu Karuna has developed steadily and will continue to do so in the years and decades to come, by your grace.

Group photo summer conference 2017:

See how you may contribute today to the continuous development and progress of Madhu Karuna