Madhu Karuna 30 Years Jubilee 2018

The coming Ananda Marga 2018 summer conference at Madhu Karuna, Germany takes place 30 years after the first conference held in 1988. The vibration building up in this place year after year is strongly felt by conference participants, and it keeps building into the future. So please come and join in next year’s jubilee conference with hundreds of devotees and activists from all over Europe and beyond.

Become a Neohumanist in practice!

The 2018 jubilee program will be special. All are invited to participate and be a Neo-Humanist in practice. Throughout the conference we will work together in process-based workshop groups. The various groups will be themed according to everybody’s interest and taste. You may choose to work in an EDUCATION group — or in ANIMALS & PLANTS RIGHTS, YOUTH, WOMEN, SOCIAL SERVICE, PROUT, MASTER UNIT, RU, RAWA, etc. group. You may even send us your suggestion for such a group ahead of the conference. Then we may set it up for all to choose their theme and line of work from the different choices on display. On the final conference day workshop groups will present their outcome to the collective conference.
The 2018 “BE A NEO-HUMANIST IN PRACTICE” summer conference will feature daily akhanda kiirtans. There will be two all-night kiirtans. Morning presentations will include well-prepared keynote speeches. The afternoon program will center on facilitated workshop activities in themed groups over three days. Evenings will feature cultural and other meaningful evening programs. As usual, we will enjoy great food, this time expertly prepared by regional culinary teams (Spain, Canary Islands, France, Italy and India). We will all experience a tremendous spirit of spiritual inspiration and a sense of the new to take concrete shape!

See the invitation brochure below with details.

Leadership training

Ahead of the main summer conference there will be an ideological leadership training, which will consist of both theoretical and practical training. Participants at the training will be qualified to co-facilitate a workshop group during the main conference program. You will also receive a diploma! All margiis and wholetimers are welcome to participate at both events — leadership training and the summer conference. You may also choose to attend only the conference.


For your 2018 calendar: The dates for the 2018 Madhu Karuna summer conference are 27 July (arrival) to 2 August (departure), the main conference dates being 28 July to 1 August. The pre-conference ideological leadership training will take place on 26-27 July.

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