Sectorial Conference & Utilization Training Camp 2019

Namaskar, due to the pandemic, our 2020 sectorial UTC and summer conference were organized at the end of July 2020 as an organic-cum-digital conference from our Ananda Puttabhumi master unit at Glebock, Poland, with participating units around the sector.

Once again we are delighted to invite you all for the European summer conference at our Madhu Karuna. This year’s program is carefully constructed around the spiritual concept of selfless service. As our beloved Baba used to guide us, “We only need to come to know ourselves by intense sádhaná, and know His manifestations by selfless service, and then our love for Him will surely grow to boundless proportions.” This year we want to remind ourselves, educate ourselves and celebrate together the many ways of opportunities we have for uplifting and enhancing the life of our fellow living beings. Service, as you know, are of many kinds. It is really up to each one of us and all of us together to decide on the specific nature and direction of our service.

It is our hope that this year’s spiritual environment at Madhu Karuna will give such inspiration and insight. By doing intense kiirtan and having a lot of spiritual company for days together we will surely feel the presence of the Supreme within ourselves. So please join in, both newcomers and oldtimers, for these great spiritual days together.

In His service,
Dada Shubhatmananda
Sectorial Secretary Berlin Sector

Program highlights

We will have two whole days of pre-conference facilitation and leadership training:
27 and 28 July, plus the evening before and the morning after.

Training schedule

The main topics of this year’s training:

  • Spiritual initiative and leadership
  • How to deal and work with others
  • How to structure work and projects

Taking the training qualifies you to participate in the facilitation of a workshop group during the main conference. Doing the training and playing an active part during the conference is most inspiring, a great learning experience—a training for life!
Please observe that only persons who take the training may facilitate a workshop group during the conference.

This year’s conference theme, “Serve Our Society, Serve the Supreme”, will allow us to take a good collective look at our opportunities and potentials for service. One of several conference keynote speeches will be on “The Practicalities of Service”. The other two keynote speeches and the readings following collective meditations will be on service, too.

Of course meditation, lots of kiirtan, akhanda kiirtan, RAWA programs, delicious international vegetarian cuisine, Ananda Café and great satsaunga are an integral part of the conference!

Training arrival: 26 July
Main training days: 27 – 28 July
Sectorial Summer Conference arrival: 29 July
Main conference days: 30 July-3 August
Departure: 4 August

How to get here

From Frankfurt Hahn airport, take the bus to Alzey.
From Frankfurt int’l airport, at the airport railway station take the S8 S-Bahn to Mainz Hauptbahnhof. From there, or any other station in Germany, take the train to Alzey.

At the train station in Alzey, either take the bus to Wendelsheim (runs only a few times a day) or call +49 1711971979 or +49 1512 2207352. Other numbers to call: +49 6734 913848, +49 176 39852214, +49 6734914941.

By car

Take the A63 to exit 9 “Erbes-Budesheim/Alzey. Turn uphill and head toward Bad Kreuznach /Erbes-Budesheim/AZ-Heimersheim. The road eventually goes downhill into Wendelsheim. By navigation system: Neugasse 2, 55232 Wendelsheim.


Utilization Training Camp
€25 per day

Summer Conference
Western Europe and other countries
Adults: €180
Students: €135
12-17: €99
6-11: €50

Eastern Europe
Adults: €120
Students: €90
12-17: €50
6-11: €25

Families: eldest child normal price, second child 50%, the rest free!

People arriving earlier or leaving later than the published dates will incur an additional fee of €25 per person per day, and will be expected to help with site preparation work.

Direct bank deposit to:
Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha e.V.
IBAN: DE90 5519 0000 0275 9790 11

Notify us of your payment by email to and bring your receipt as proof of deposit/payment.

To ensure the smooth flow of the conference and enable everyone to enjoy the programs, adults are expected to do Karma Yoga every day.

Participants are expected to follow a modest dress code appropriate for an AMPS spiritual conference.
No dogs.
No loud personal stereos.
Feel free to bring musical instruments but not loud drums, please.

For revolutionary marriage, please contact
Society Building Secretary
Ac. Devavratananda Avt.

You can help

You may donate your kind contribution safely either:

  1. From this page by debit or credit card in Euro (encrypted, safe payment), or
  2. From your own net bank account to the Madhu Karuna donations bank account (in Germany) further below.

For most European bank account holders, the first option will be cheaper.

Pay via our encrypted service by debit or credit card in Euro:

If you prefer to pay from your bank account, you may do so to the following Madhu Karuna donations bank account:

Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha eV
Mainzer Volksbank
IBAN: DE90 5519 0000 0275 9790 11

Many tiny drops…

Madhu Karuna, at the village of Wendelsheim near Mainz, Germany, is the only Marga Guru Quarter (MG Quarter) in Europe. Shrii Shrii Anandamuti gave it the name Madhu Karuna, “Sweet Compassion”. Baba’s room at Madhu Karuna is a most quiet, subtle spiritual sanctuary. Ananda Margiis enthusiastically enter it to perform their Sadhana (meditation) and experience a unique feeling of peace and tranquility.

The large, beautyfully decorated meditation hall, the lawns, and the further expanses into the wide-open natural surroundings and undulating landscape characteristic of the Upper Rhine region, offer visitors to Madhu Karuna rich opportunities for soul-finding and tender meetings of the like-minded.

History and development
When Ananda Marga Europe purchased the property in 1987, it was in great need of renovation and upgrading. The following year, 1988, saw the first ever Ananda Marga summer Conference at Madhu Karuna. Since, Madhu Karuna has developed steadily and will continue to do so in the years and decades to come, by your grace.

More on the history of Madhu Karuna

As with many development projects, the work at Madhu Karuna has depended on a few dedicated persons, perhaps for far too long now. The need for further development is acutely felt and it is, therefore, only prudent that we all take some share in the responsibility.

As the old saying goes: “Many tiny drops make a mighty ocean!”

Madhu Karuna is the centre piece, focus and symbol of the progress of Ananda Marga in Europe. Be sure to play your part!

Click to read more about how you may contribute today…

Progress & updates

Training schedule — 27 & 28 July 2019

UTC (Utilization Training Camp) Schedule 27.07.2019 FIRST TRAINING DAY 10.00 – 12.30 1. Opening address (Ac. Shubhatmananda) (30 minutes) 2. Introducing theUTC (Prabhakar and Sushanta) (15 minutes) 3. Sprituality and work/leadership (Tapan) (90 minutes) 15.00 – 18.00 Didi Anandaharimaya: “Effective modern pracar means” (30 minutes) Information – communication – cooperation (Manojit) (150 minutes) The workshop …

Completing the new bathrooms, more bunk beds

The new bathroom house is nearing completion, and there will be more bunk beds for participants. A hot water tank installed, wash basins waiting to get on the wall Bath room waiting for wash basins to be affixed Shower cabinets New bunk beds in dormitory More bunk beds in another dormitory hall

Enter: The Roof

Placing the roof on a sizeable building as this bathrooms facility is no children’s’ play. It also requires hefty machinery. The crane is parked outside Madhukaruna while working on the inside as it is far too large to enter the premises (see second picture).